Selected Works for Piano, First Series [2 CD], LNB 2014

This new double album presents a selection of previously unpublished works for piano, including: sonatas, short compositions, inventions, variations on a theme, nocturnes. Many of the piano parts are played by the composer himself, who is an award-winning pianist and a professor of piano and composition.

This selection of works includes, in addition to works under the general titles that require no comment (short compositions, inventions, variations), works demanding an explanation under the common title of "sonatas". This term has been chosen by association with a long series of works by the same name, from different masters. Sonata does not designate a form, but a project. However, this term has been used to designate the sequence of parts played on an instrument (Sonata opposed to Cantata) and then the parts finding their unity in the tone rather than in the order. Haydn and Mozart were the first to conceive important works in several parts, which differed from a simple sequence by their general unity of address, non-interchangeable place of each element and its obvious perceived necessity. It is in this type of project, specifically musical, that were conceived and created these pieces.


Disc 1

1. Dialogue, For Piano and Synthesizer. Featuring: Louis-Noel Belaubre, Synthesizer, Denis Weber, Piano

2. Sonate N°7, For Piano. Featuring: Louis-Noel Belaubre, Piano

3. Sonate N°8, For Piano. Featuring: Sylvie Baschera, Piano

4. Sonate N°12, For Piano. Featuring: Louis-Noel Belaubre, Piano

Disc 2

5. Nocturne of Fields and Meadows (Nocturne Des Prés Et Des Champs), For Percussions and Piano. Featuring: Sylvie Baschera, Piano, Marcel Hamon, Percussion

6. Nocturne of Dormitory Towns (Nocturne Des Villes Dortoirs), For Percussions and Piano. Featuring: Sylvie Baschera, Piano, Marcel Hamon, Percussion

7. Nocturne of the Stars (Nocturne Des Étoiles), For Percussions and Piano. Featuring: Sylvie Baschera, Piano, Marcel Hamon, Percussion

8. Sonate N°10, For Piano. Featuring: Sylvie Baschera, Piano

9. Sonate N°11, For Piano. Featuring: Betty Hovette, Piano

10. Twelve Inventions for Piano. Featuring: Louis-Noel Belaubre, Piano

11. Variations On the Basque Love Song (Variations Sur Un Chant D'amour Du Pays Basque), For Piano. Featuring: Sylvie Baschera, Piano

Many tracks are offered to download absolutely FREE 

Folklore Tunes of the South of France Harmonized for Piano, LNB 2014

The variety of rhythms and the beauty of melodies will amaze the listener and will contribute to the learning of expressive playing of young pianists. In addition to the melodic and harmonic richness of these songs, one can notice the presence of some rhythms that are uncommon in the traditional folklore: measures of 5 or 7 times; so-called "Bulgarian" rhythms ; mixtures of major and minor modes, and the opening theme of Beethoven's pastoral Symphony in a song of workers of lower Auvergne.

There are 20 tunes in this recording, scores are available on request. Please send a message via the form on the right of this page, and the scores will be emailed to you. You can listen to the extract below:

These variations were originally written by Louis-Noel Belaubre, composer, professor of piano and former director of two conservatories, as educational and practice material for his pupils. Level easy to medium. Download the full version in the store via the link below absolutely FREE (for a limited time only).


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The scores are available from Editions Delatour

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